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Pharmacies boost sales with digital signs

Pharmacies that convert their TV’s into digital signs are seeing increased sales.

ScreenScape offers a thumb-sized computer that simply plugs into the back of your TV and connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi. A converted screen plays full screen custom promotions, educational videos, daily news and weather on a schedule defined by you through your online account.

Why play generic television ads, when you could be promoting your own products?

People definitely notice.

“When we advertise sale products on our in-store screens, people definitely notice and we’ve seen higher sales in those pharmacies. We always put our weekly sales items front and center on the screens in the waiting areas, so people see those and they tend to make purchases in addition to their prescriptions. This solution is giving us the opportunity to grow our sales.”
Heather Maclean

Sales & Marketing Manager, Murphy’s Pharmacies