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ScreenScape Affiliate Self Service


How it works

1. As a ScreenScape Affiliate you register here for an Affiliate Account.
2. ScreenScape approves your application.
3. You log in to your new account and generate a ScreenScape referral link, using the ScreenScape Store page you want to link to. This link is specific to your Affiliate Account.
4. You promote your ScreenScape referral link to prospects (on your website, in emails, etc.)
5. When prospects click on the link, they will be navigated to the ScreenScape page you chose. Your Affiliate account will be credited with any purchase they make during that visit.
6. You can log in to your Affiliate Account (here) to see a running total of all your successful referrals. You can also choose to be notified of new sales by email (Go to Settings -> “Enable New Referral Notifications” = TRUE).
7. ScreenScape pays you a regular commission based on your sales.