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3 tips to boost bar revenues

TIP #1

Start ‘Suggestive Selling’

Banish the ‘Order Takers’ from your wait staff. Every member of your team is a salesperson. It’s their goal to match each guest with the perfect drink. Offer samples. Focus on guest satisfaction.

But – never force this conversation. Some guests will just want what they want, and that’s great. Plant the seed of an idea, and then follow the guest’s lead. Your objective is to foster a spirit of curiosity and encourage questions. Present your guests with the chance to break out of old habits and try something new.



  • Train your staff into becoming enthusiastic ambassadors of your menu and your premium offerings.
  • Support your staff with the right tools: menus, tent cards, and custom signs that prompt curiosity and start a conversation about premium items.

TIP #2

Highlight premium drinks

You’re already doing everything you can to bring more feet to your door, and selling more drinks per customer is not a winning strategy. What’s left? Encourage every guest to spend more dollars per drink. The attitude of the day is, if you aren’t drinking as much, you should at least drink the best.

Luckily, premium spirits and craft beers are two of the hottest trends in the industry. If your guests can persuaded to recognize the value of premium and super-premium drinks, your revenues will rise.



  • Regularly review your back bar inventory, remove dead stock, and make sure you have the premium products in each spirit category necessary to accomplish your objectives.
  • Hold regular staff tasting sessions.
  • Use high quality signage to prompt guests to break out of old buying patterns and into new premium favorites

TIP #3

Leverage bar real estate

Your establishment likely has a TV (or ten) already. This is some of the most valuable real estate in the building. Make the most of it. Some of those screens could be redirected to promoting your goals and boosting your revenue.

Once upon a time, this kind of initiative took a lot of up front investment, and a lot of time and effort. Not anymore. Simple tools are now available that plug in to any TV and re-purpose it to display whatever menu, ad or video promotion you might want to create.



  • Use TVs to highlight premium offerings and promote your specials.
  • Consider offering a portion of your TV real estate to strategic advertisers and local partners. You will be amazed at who wants to be in front of your captive audience.

Ad revenue, in-house promotions and increased sales

We’ve taken the difficulty out of digital signage so you can spend your time managing your bar or nightclub. ScreenScape allows you to create your own in-house advertising with 100% of the profits going to you. Get paid by your distributors to run their promotions or create some in-house promotions of your own to increase sales.

Digital signage influences your customers buying decisions leaving you to simply entertain them.

Increase revenue

“We did some experimenting with it. We put up a ‘$2 off’ ad on the screen for a new Sunday drink special. Otherwise we didn’t say a word to anybody, just put it up on the screen. On the first Sunday we sold 39 drinks. The second Sunday, 59. Now we’re selling up to 80 every Sunday. Those are good numbers. Clearly ScreenScape is influencing customer behavior.” – Scott Smith, Pumphouse Grille

ScreenScape offers a tiny thumb-sized computer that simply plugs into the back of your TV. It converts the TV to play full screen custom promotions, HD videos, the daily news and the local weather. It’s easy to add your own custom messages using fill-in-the-blank templates. What appears on your screen is 100% controlled by you; unlike cable TV, there is no outside advertising.

Watch the video - Pumphouse Grille Uses ScreenScape
  • improve visitor experience 80% 80%
  • increased sales 50% 50%
  • brand recall 40% 40%
  • increased traffic 33% 33%
  • repeat buyers 33% 33%
  • improved branding 15% 15%