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Customer engagement has never been easier

If you’re playing cable TV to your customers realize that every commercial that plays on that TV is selling your customer someone else’s product or service. Why not promote your own features and services? Hotels that convert their TV’s into digital signs get higher sales.

ScreenScape offers a thumb-sized computer that simply plugs into the back of your TV, then connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi. It converts the TV to play full screen custom promotions, HD videos, the daily news and local weather. What appears on your screen is 100% controlled by you (no outside advertising).

Every customer that walks into your hotel matters. Make the most of every visit.

Cross promote across many locations

“It’s very easy to use. We have each of our locations looking after their own content, but what’s great is we can manage it centrally from our corporate office, and send out messages to all of our locations. Whether it’s a restaurant special, or a community event, or something happening within the property. Now we’re realizing that we can use it so much more to cross promote our properties. We have locations all throughout Atlantic Canada, so we can cross promote our PEI resorts in our New Brunswick locations and vice versa.”

Mike Robertson, Rodd Hotels and Resorts